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StemRenu ™ for Mental Fitness

    As an Athletic person, What would you give to think clearer and remember more of what you need to? StemRenu 's™ Young Tissue Extract is Clinically shown to boost Serotonin by as much as 46%. Serotonin plays a vital role in the Cognitive processes of the brain. You can't put a price on being able to lift the "Mental Fog". At the same time, Young Tissue Extract is shown to balance cortisol, the STRESS HORMONE secreted by the Adrenal glands, reducing it as much as 50%. That's huge! The stress Hormone Cortisol is what keeps us in helter-skelter, harried and hurried - survival mode, reducing our ability to concentrate and focus. Lowering it with StemRenu ™ produces CALM IN YOU in the middle of the normal storms you weather daily. I tell people, "I don't have any less problems; I just don't think about them all the time anymore." It's sweet relief from mental clutter.

    Memory function is influenced heavily by the joint effect of Amino Acids Glutamate and Glycine. Both of these amino acids act together to play a critical role in the ability of two neurons to connect, an important cellular mechanism for learning and memory to take place. Young Tissue Extract is low in these amino acids, that's why StemRenu ™ enhances these levels by the addition of an isolated plant protein extracts to provide extra glutamic acid and with Shark Cartilage extract to provide extra Glycine. Young Tissue Extract is used to provide additional FGF in the aid of memory. FGF is known to build neurites, the bridges between the neurons and the receptors/transmitters of signals. Research shows FGF also inhibits and destroys mutant protein genes, in this case, quite possibly blocking the genes responsible for memory loss.

    In 1962, it was discovered that that neural stem cells reside in certain parts of the brain, where there is a malfunction. It is also proven that FGF feeds and nurtures these stem cells to help the healing of these malfunctions and any scarred tissue. In the last several years, many clinical studies have been performed, injecting FGF-2 directly into damaged areas of the brain to regrow damaged areas with promising preliminary results for many all-too-common, often degenerative neurological disorders.

    The synergistic effect of building the neurites, nurturing the stem cells, having the most relevant amino acids and fibroblast growth factors to guide where the amino acids go, makes StemRenu ™ perform extremely well in memory enhancement.

    Another very effective combination in StemRenu ™ is Leucine and Isoleucine, essential amino acids provided by the Phyto component, the Green Tea Extract, EGCG. This combination's effectiveness is increased by combining the Young Tissue Extract and the plant protein extracts. Leucine and Isoleucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of many essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized to stimulate the upper brain and help you to be more alert and focused.