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StemRenu ™ Science - The Gene Expression

The nucleus contains the bulk of our DNA and is responsible for orchestrating cellular structure and function to enhance who we are by expressing the roadmap for healing and repair. Click for Image It provides the blueprints for the protein sequencing and gene expression. The process is known as transcription of the genetic expression for the synthesis of proteins.

The epigenetic influence and signaling peptides found in StemRenu 's™ embryonic extract can be utilized to deliver powerful signaling to turn on healthy genes and turn off damaging ones to experience results like:

  • Turn off chronic inflammation to prevent chronic degenerative disease.
  • Turn on melatonin production and restful sleep.
  • Turn on serotonin production to feel good.
  • Turn off the stress response before it damages our healthy cells
These are but a few of the many important switches that StemRenu ™ facilitates.
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