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StemRenu ™ Science - The Endocrine System

From an endocrine perspective, we can determine the response to stress and stressful events by measuring an overproduction of stress hormones like: cortisol, aldosterone, and epinephrine. Psychological and physical stress tests have shown how our body responds to stressful events by an excessive release of these hormones, not to mention the cardiovascular response of an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. One of the mechanisms identified with the embryonic peptides contained in StemRenu ™ works by the elevation of 17-ketosteroid levels, which improves anabolism (buildup) through increased synthesis of hormones like DHEA and testosterone and a decrease in cortisol (a catabolic breakdown hormone)6.

StemRenu ™ is capable of lowering the body's production of cortisol, by mediating the body's response to stress.

Medical science has learned that prolonged cortisol secretion results in significant physiological changes such as:7

  • Cortisol-induced collagen loss in the skin is ten times greater than in any other tissue. Cortisol breaks down the glue (collagen) that is holding our cells together. Stress and the excess cortisol that it produces are literally making us come unglued!
  • Insulin resistance contributing to hyperglycemia, more commonly known as diabetes. The ingredients of StemRenu ™ balance the synthesis and release of insulin helping to regulate blood sugar.
  • Reduces bone formation, favoring long-term development of osteoporosis by reducing calcium absorption in the intestines.
  • Damages cells in the hippocampus; this damage results in impaired learning and has been shown to inhibit memory retrieval of already stored information.
  • Suppression of the immune system increases susceptibility to infection (short term) and cancer (long term).
  • Accelerates weight gain, mood disorders (including depression), anxiety, insomnia and even fertility issues.

All are significant effects that would impact athletic performance, stamina and recovery and overall health!

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